Catholic GPS

As the Church begins what we hope is a long, albeit slow, return to its' traditions, I have to admit that the idea of a "reform of the reform" comes up a bit short.

In any other type of situation, if you looked back over the last 40 years and saw nothing but devastation, wouldn't you think that the time had come to admit so?

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm picking no fight with the "reform of the reform" guys, but why "reform" something that has been a complete failure? Wouldn't you scrap the whole thing?

You're hiking in the woods, on a long and well-traveled path, and the sun is shining, and there's no mosquitos, no wild animals, no threats of any kind. Then you take a turn off of that path and encounter deep, dark valleys, snakes, bears, and every other kind of awful thing, wouldn't you re-trace your steps and get back to where you made the wrong turn to begin with?

Maybe it's all more complicated than that.

For a good article on the architect of the guy who was instrumental in constructing that dark and treacherous path, check out:

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