2011 Mike Lynch Projects

Above: Mike Lynch by Mike Lynch. A self portrait of me from an old sketchbook, six years before I quit my regular day job to become a full-time freelance cartoonist. Notice the hunched shoulders. Ugh. What a time that was.

Anyway ...

Happy Birthday, Mike Lynch

Today is my birthday!

On this self-congratulatory day, I'm going with that theme, and telling you about some Mike Lynch projects out there.

You already know about my cartoon in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend.

I also have some cartoons in some of the few remaindered Barnes & Noble 2011 CAT CARTOON A DAY and DOG CARTOON A DAY calendars. (No hyperlink for these. They are unavailable online. You have to go to the B&N store. Go figure.)

On the stands this month, LAUGHTER REALLY IS THE BEST MEDICINE has lots of cartoons by me and some of my cartoonist pals (Dave Carpenter, John Caldwell, Roy Delgado, Scott Arthur Masear, Dan Reynolds and the one and only Harley Schwadron), plus many stories and quotes from Reader's Digest.

STAY TOONED Magazine has an interview with me, Mike Lynch, in issue #6, due out soon. It's editor John Read's "All Mike Issue," featuring cartoonist Mikes Arnold, Cope, Edholm, Jantze, Marland, Maslin and Shapiro. Mike Ramirez provides the cover.

Ed Breslin's memoir about how his beloved dog, Miss Dutchie, helped him deal with alcoholism, DRINKING WITH MISS DUTCHIE, is scheduled for a March, 15, 2011 release date from Macmillan. I drew the cover art, as well as the interior endpapers. I'm particularly proud of this.

In addition to all this, it's my privilege to, once again, be the 2011 National Cartoonists Society Awards Coordinator. Entries are accepted until February 6, 2011 for cartoons published in 2010. All details here.

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