The Value of Sketching

Above: a study in contrasts. A kid enjoying a ride on sullen Dad's shoulders at the mall. This was draw in in about six seconds.

I was at the mall, bored outta my mind. And then I recalled that I could draw the shoppers passing by for a while. Ahh! Now, that's entertainment.

When sketching in public, my one rule is DON'T. I mean, really, the last thing you want to do is get caught drawing people you don't know. Especially when they're bigger than you.

Despite wanting to be anonymous, the rewards of sketching is seeing how people dress and behave. These can become the basis of future cartoons and drawings.

I liked the prideful saunter that the above big dude had, when walking in the mall, with his proud peacock walk, smoky eyeglasses and hint-of-whiteboy-jerrycurl hairdo.

The female multi-tasker balanced herself like a prima ballerina between her many shopping bags and managing her cell phone.

The big Ugg boots look.

What every other guy looks like: shaved head, goatee, earrings.

Pimply face Archie-looking kid munching on greasy fries.

Fat guy contemplates shoving entire cheeseburger into piehole.

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