Sacco and Tomine's Drawing Process

Via SeeMagazine, graphic novelists Joe Sacco and Adrian Tomine talk about their process:

Joe Sacco:

“Drawing is generally like digging a ditch. I basically know how far I’ll get each day.”

Mr. Sacco completes about 2 pages of art a week.

Adrian Tomine was “constantly fighting against an undercurrent of stiffness” that can be a product of relying too much on photo reference. His new book, SCENES FROM AN IMPENDING MARRIAGE, drawn in a looser style, was originally not intended to see publication.

"It was a welcome reminder that drawing comics could actually be fun. Not just an arduous slog towards a very distant goal.”

The article begs the question (but doesn't answer it) of why Mr. Tomine was drawing comics not intended for publication.

Kenton Smith writes this informative short piece at SeeMagazine.

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