Shop Talk by Mike Lynch

Occasionally some person asks me what hobbies I have. I don't have hobbies. No model ship building or stamp collecting. My world is cartoons and cartoonists. I love to talk shop, and I was able to do just that this week with a group of great cartoonists. Here are some of the comments that I overheard from these cartoonists.

I agree with the above (unnamed) cartoonist. Fortunately, I am not in love with a certain pen or paper or ink. I know that as soon as I do fall in love, it'll be discontinued.

I drew these in my sketchbook on an Amtrak train, so the lettering is a little bouncy.

Explaining Photoshop to someone who hasn't used it is an exercise in futility -- at least when I am being asked to clarify what it can do. The conversation becomes incoherent as I realize that technology does seem like magic to a lot of us -- and I think of Arthur's line in MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL: "This new learning amazes me, Sir Bedemir. Explain again how sheeps' bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes."

Above: the original, ink on paper with watercolor added after I got home.

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